Rules of the B&B​

Dear guests, for the duration of  the stay we will guarantee full availability for information and advice on possible routes and itineraries and for any tourist information and not.


- We welcome you in our house! Treat it as if it was yours! Take good care and respect and show consideration for the spaces and services dedicated to you and even more so for common areas, which should be left intact, neat and clean so that everyone can use them equally.

  - We don’t ask for a deposit, but there was a lot of work to make this B&B, so any damage will be charged to guests.

  - The check-in is ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY in the presence of identity documents valid; Guests will NOT be accepted without it or with expired document.

- Tourist tax required by the City of Rome of 3.50 € per person per night is NOT included.

  - Cancellation policy: Free within 7 days of arrival, then we will charge the first night.

  - We are Sorry for pets, but they are not allowed.

  - You can smoke ONLY in space out, it is forbidden inside the apartment (there is a sanction for non-compliance with this rule).

  - The B&B is located in a residential area therefore we invite our guests to not shout or make loud noises, especially in outdoor areas.

- We care about the problem of pollution, so we ask to you to help us to respect the environment through small attentions such as recycling, energy conservation (pay attention to lights, water, intakes, etc.) and an anti-waste policy (breakfast, laundry, etc.).


We thank you for your attention and we are sorry for the lack of experience, but it is our first activity! We particularly care about it because we put our hearts into this project, so do not be too hard in judgment, rather than help us to improve us! We want to give you our best so  we are more open to advice !!!

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